Heavenly Mother, are you really there?


I encourage Latter-day Saints to pray to their Heavenly Mother.

I do not believe a loving father would punish his children for communicating with their mother.

Any father who tries to limit or restrain communication between children and their mother is a cruel, controlling parent. I do not believe this is the type of Father the Mormon faith encourages worshipping (or becoming). Further, I do not believe a father so tyrannical and abusive in this way is worthy of human worship.

Any prohibitions that bar children from reaching to their Mother for guidance and love are products of darkened human minds. They are not the inspiration of Spirit’s light.

Borrowing from the LDS children’s song:

“Pray: She is there.
Speak: She is listening.
You are Her child.
Her love now surrounds you.
She hears your prayers.
She loves Her children.
Of such is the kingdom–the kingdom of heaven.”

Heavenly Mother, are you really there?



2 thoughts on “Heavenly Mother, are you really there?

  1. sarahesanchez

    But Michael, The Savior taught us how to pray and countless prophets since and it is always directed toward the Father. Why disregard all those teachings. There must be a reason to pray this way. With that in mind, our Father in Heaven indeed has his other half who he never would have become God without. Truly, they are inseparable and are indeed one as we are instructed to be with our spouses. So maybe when we pray to him there is an inseparable connection there. And maybe we can direct thoughts to her through him by asking. I often pray to Heavenly Father and ask him to tell Sophie how much I love her. But I still believe it is important to pray the way our Savior taught.

  2. No disregarding–rather, saying, “This, and…”

    The Eternal Mother invites our prayers. I’ve learned this through direct communion.

    This Sunday Maxine Hanks will be the featured guest on the Mother’s Day Tea Church episode to discuss her historical, theological, and personal accounts of searching for spiritual understanding of her female Heavenly Parent. I’ll post the link here when it’s up!

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