Calling Queer Mormons: A voice shouting in the wilderness


Marriage without romance. Choices made out of duty-sense. Isn’t love something free and wild?

Children born out of expectation. Is this living life with consecration? Isn’t life something lived for love?

What do you do when you have so much to give, but the systems and the structures just don’t allow your heart to live?

What will occur when your dreams are deferred?

Is it selfish to be burning with desire to change the world?

If a system has taken your soul, then take your soul back from the system. This is the beginning of repentance.

“Men are that they might have joy.” Penned by prophet or charlatan, this is my credo.

Calling all queer Mormons: you are the bright and morning star. No more waiting for the moment of destiny. The moment is already awake within you.


4 thoughts on “Calling Queer Mormons: A voice shouting in the wilderness

  1. Michael, the questions you pose may strike anyone as fairly deep, for they are. To me they’re poignant, and they cut straight to the quick that I shelter. I discern very intimate knowledge, first hand, from someone who has been on the opposite side, and now weighs the options from the perspective of actual experience. You force me to answer, for myself, and I am glad to have the issue wrestle within me. You are, without a doubt, a man of enormous soul, powerful intellect, and abiding empathy.

  2. sarahesanchez

    I love you, Michael. Just to comment on a couple points that peaked my interest-”men are that they might have joy” is meant far more in an eternal perspective-not limited to our earthly existence. The great joy we might have is the living eternally with our Father in Heaven. And all the trials we encounter here are perfectly designed to help us become like him and draw close to him. Frankly, many of our earthly lives are not filled with joy and that doesnt mean we are being cheated-We are meant to feel at times alone and helpless so we must rely on Him and no one else. Countless people have dreams deferred. But all dreams are not meant to be fulfilled in this life. My Sophie died in my arms-my sweet baby who I long to hold and watch as part of my family. But I know that not having her now and experiencing this emptiness will bring a greater joy and greater blessings in the future. And I am excited for them. I’m not saying not to fight against injustice, but the Lords will is so often not our own. And one day we will understand why.

  3. These are great points, Sarah! My heart aches for you and those who lose children. The heartache is one I literally won’t be able to begin to understand until I have children myself. My heart is drawn out in a portion of shared grief.

    For me, a turning point in my relationship with my inner nature came following the better part of a decade spent in so-called therapies aimed to change my deepest interpersonal orientations. The familiar voice of inspiration visited me and told me it wasn’t good to fight against my measure of creation; the mysterious path toward fulfilling the measure of my creation called.

    I fully believe marriage and family are part of our spiritual development in our earthly state. I resonate much with this understanding of these principles:

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