Solomon’s baby: failing the test of parental love


Solomon’s baby sang to me today.

In the wisdom of King Solomon, he tested the true parental love of two women who laid claim on the same baby. When the offer was to kill the child by cutting the body in half, the response of the lesser woman was that it was okay to sever the child apart, as long as she got to keep the head. The woman with true love for the baby mourned the loss of the child, but offered to let the baby go and see it live.

The LDS Church continues to take a stand that it would rather retain possession of her gay and lesbian children and sever their souls rather than bless them with love and let them go and live. Explicitly, in myriad locations, the Church says it would rather have the “purity” of the person than the life of the individual.

How many more mutilated body parts must the Church collect from her children before we recognize that she is failing Solomon’s test of love?



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