Dear @LDSChurch


OWvigilThis is going to take more than the 140 characters I normally use as my limit in messaging you on Twitter. But the machine behind @LDSChurch is suffering from institutional senility, in a way that a single Tweet can’t expound.

In fact, a blog post, or even a book could not expound fully. (And don’t worry, you’ve created plenty of material for future bloggers and literary agents.)

You have taken the leader of one of the most impressive international Mormon women’s organizations, and told her that she does not belong in the community of Saints, either here on earth, or in eternity. Why? For taking initiative to organize women to pursue their spiritual rights.

Kate Kelly is a prophetess. She is a teacher of truth and righteousness to women.

Kate Kelly is a seer. She has been blessed with vision for ways in which a restoration (READ CAREFULLY: A RESTORATION) of women’s priesthood as articulated by Joseph Smith can positively impact Latter-day Saints at both institutional and personal levels. You sent your official PR spokeswoman, Ally Isom, onto public radio, where she stated that there is no official doctrine in the LDS Church that forbids women from holding the priesthood. So why are you excommunicating a woman who is trying to live by the teachings of Joseph Smith, which–from your official spokewoman’s mouth–does not undermine any existing LDS doctrine?

Kate Kelly is a revelator. She is revealing to woman WORLDWIDE that the intrinsic beauty and power of their soul is beyond the limitations imposed upon them from their socialization in Mormonism. This is a good thing. If the work and the glory of Eternal Co-Parents is to facilitate the immortality and eternal life of their spiritual children, then more women reaching higher for their spiritual privileges and rights extends and accelerates this work of exaltation.

I don’t understand you, @LDSChurch, except to consign myself to accepting that you really are an organization invested in protecting the current gender-based power imbalance within the institution. And that the insidious insularity of your bureaucracy are the true and living enemies to a vitalized body of Christ. (Advanced dementia of your senior male priesthood leader is not working in your favor, either. If only there were a senior female priesthood leader who could pick up the mental slack.)

If you would like to see and hear it, my husband was thoughtful enough to video record the singing of “The Spirit of God” at the Salt Lake City vigil for Kate Kelly on Sunday, June 22nd, 2014. (There were over 50 vigils across 17 countries for Sister Kelly.)

The lead photo is a photo I took on my phone from yesterday’s vigil. It was a spirit of unity and love. Social media is not going to let you continue to spin Ordain Women in the disingenuous ugliness with which you have tried to shame it. Being with Ordain Women supporters is a feeling of being in Zion. I lament your inability to see it as such, and for the short-sighted condemnation of “apostasy” upon such a wonderful movement.

I could go on. I won’t have to, though, because many, many others will pick the bones of this one–you’ll see. Congratulations on making another carcass around which the vultures can flock.

Wake up. Please.


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