The talk L. Tom Perry should have given


This is the talk I pray to hear at the LDS General Conference one day. When this spirit breaks through into the hearts of the LDS Church’s leaders, it will be a sign that they have begun the crawl out of their current state of apostasy.


To our dear brothers and sisters around the world both inside and outside of the Church, I send you warm greetings of eternal love from our common Savior. As one set apart to be a special witness of Him, I would like to speak today from the places of compassion, gentleness, and understanding that were hallmarks of his holy ministry on this earth.

In the councils in heaven before this world was created, all of us here voted with our spirits to sustain the glorious plan of eternal life presented by our Eternal Parents, and supported by our exemplar and senior, Jesus Christ himself. The plan required a great and eternal sacrifice—one with enough love to absorb the difficulties of executing a plan for the eternal progress of all children of the Divine. The holy plan allowed for agency of all God’s children to be respected. This inherently complicated the plan of eternal life, since our Eternal Parents knew with clarity that many of their children would wander and explore diverse paths in their personal journey toward Celestial wisdom. Some of their choices would need the atoning power that could only come from one anointed to reconcile souls to their eternal progress and potential.

In this mortal life, a veil was placed over our memories. This was done in order to give us the opportunity to follow our own heart and conscience in this, the crucible of mortality. For reasons not fully appreciated by us at this point, the world was populated by divine design with bountiful varieties of culture, belief, and biology. Among these natural biological variations would be treasured souls whose core sexual and emotional identities did not fit into the elementary concepts of male and female. By the divine wisdom of creation, not all of our Heavenly Parents’ children would feel the draw toward opposite-sex companionship or procreation. We must always remember that these things were done in the wisdom of loving Parents whose chief purpose is for the eternal spiritual growth of their children. Were we to live in simple binary spheres where good and evil were constantly obvious to us, where would be the opportunity for the most elevated of our potential Celestial traits? There would be no room for discernment; no need for soul-stretching compassion; no opportunity for challenging our empathy; no soul-searching on our part for the path of heavenly love. We would forever be spiritual grade school children.

As Latter-day Saints, our primary baptismal obligations are to mourn with those that mourn, comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and bear the burdens of our fellows so that all of our burdens may seem lighter to us. Life is hard enough. There is no need for us to go out of our way to make it harder for those who don’t fit into the simplistic versions of our spiritual understanding.

The Lord has told us in holy scripture that this life is a test to see if we will reach for the highest laws of love and choose to live by them, even in a world where polarization, groupishness, and class conflict are perennial sources of anger and strife. As such, the Lord has his eye on the Latter-day Saints to see if we as a people will opt to embrace our other spirit siblings without preconditioning our love on their conformity to our simplest understandings of the gospel plan.

It is out of harmony with the spirit of God for anyone to claim that another’s spiritual journey is less than, beneath, inauthentic, or counterfeit compared to ours. The Book of Mormon prophets Lehi and Nephi saw in vision a great and spacious building filled with those dressed in fine apparel, who gathered in the attitude of mocking and pointing fingers of scorn at those who were not among their congregations. How terrible it would be for our meetings and gatherings as Saints to fulfill the predictions of the unholiest aspects of our human nature.

In specific regard to our spirit siblings who identify in this life as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, we recognize that so many of you are living your lives in integrity, seeking to embody and embrace the highest and most noble virtues of love, compassion, and community taught to us directly by the Son of God. We cannot nor should we try to judge or condemn your personal journey, for it is exactly that: your personal journey, wherein you and the heavens are the primary partners in navigating the treacherous path back to the presence of our loving Heavenly Parents. Inasmuch as your course has been inhibited by active Latter-day Saints acting out of a sense of misplaced zeal for their incomplete understanding of personal duty and right, we hope the sweet fruits of forgiveness will be abundantly aided by the grace of the Holy Spirit, so that all of us—inside and outside the Church—can enter in a new phase of harmony with one another. If there is anything to be learned from the Book of Mormon, it is that the constant cycles of othering and marginalizing those with whom we disagree are destined to lead to the ruin and destruction of all. May we learn from the cautionary tale set forth before us in the Book of Mormon and seek a higher, better way than the “us” versus “them” mentality that our frail human minds create.

As a witness of the Son of Man, I echo the prophetic words of Joseph Smith: our Heavenly Parents—and by extension their Chosen Son, Jesus Christ—are more liberal in their views and more generous in their love than we are currently able or willing to believe or receive. I leave upon all of you my apostolic witness, and an apostolic blessing that all of us may find in our hearts the doors that lead to the type of love worthy of the name “Saints.” He knocks on these doors in our heart through the tender yearning of the Holy Ghost. May we have courage and humility to open our hearts to those invitations, and live together in peaceful anticipation of greater light and knowledge.

With love and compassion, and in the name of Jesus Christ: Amen.


5 thoughts on “The talk L. Tom Perry should have given

  1. Migillicutty

    These are your words and yours alone- please do not put them into the mouth of one of the Lord’s prophets. You cannot bear Apostolic witness. You are not an apostle. You have not been set apart as a special witness of Jesus Christ. Elder Perry IS an apostle, he IS a special witness of Christ; he has been called by God to be a prophet and you have not- please do not assume that you know better than him, or by extension, that you know better than the Lord. You are free, of course, to express whatever beliefs and opinions you may have. However, I bear testimony that the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve are called of God to be His voice in the world today. What they have said regarding same-sex attraction, etc., is what the Lord wants them to say. I sustain these men as prophets, seers, and revelators, and I believe that this past weekend, all of them gave EXACTLY the talks that the LORD wanted them to give. If those were not the talks that YOU wanted them to give, well, that’s too bad.

    • Wow. That’s an Angry Migillicutty. Just out of curiosity, what would you say has gone wrong on the occasions that General Authorities have retracted statements or entire talks given during conference? I’m just curious as a believer with a different perspective on the ways in which callings and revelations might work practically.

  2. I am no longer a believer in the veracity of the Book of Mormon, and I won’t disagree with the criticism this person, Madame Fergie, has a lack of a claim to Divine authority. However, it does take you aback when his message of an accepting approach to homosexuality makes more sense than the counterfeit rhetoric of those who are supposed to have apostolic authority.

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