Endowment of Eve: A Primer on Eternal Mother Theodyssey


As I was gazing thusly into the stone, the following vision unfolded in my second sight:


The Theodyssey of Mother Eve
An account of her sorrows, visions, and priesthoods, given as a revelation from the Eternal Mothers of the Mystical Body of the Lion and the Lamb

And the days after their expulsion from the presence of the gods became long upon the face of the earth. And Eve was vexed greatly in spirit by the accusations and murmuring of her children and even the helpmeet who the gods had created to be a faithful companion to her. Thus Eve did begin to search within her soul and to recall the many and beautiful words the gods had spoken to her in the Eastward Garden many days before.

And Eve remembered the promise of One, anointed from before the foundations of the world, who would deliver her children from the toil of thorns and the bondage of thistles that the earth had begun to put forward for the affliction and sorrow of her children.

Yea, Eve remembered the name of this anointed one would be called Wonderful, and Counselor. Yea, she did ponder in her heart the many and great promises this One Messiah would bring to the earth that had been cursed. Verily, she contemplated the promises that he would bring beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning. Eve contemplated these things deeply within her soul.


And as she was thus in the attitude of contemplation, the spirit of the gods moved mightily inside of her, and stirred her remembrance to the words of the gods, who promised there would also be One–a Maiden–yea, a Hand Maiden of most humble disposition, with a heart exceedingly pure and delightsome before the gods. And because of the humility and purity of her heart, she would be called a Hand Maiden to the Gods, and would be blessed among women, for the fruit of her womb would be called the Son of God, and even God.

And Eve remembered that this hand maiden would be called The Mother of God.

Verily, the heart of Eve did begin to burn with the fire of heaven, insomuch that her tongue was loosed, and Eve began to cry out words that had never before been heard by any of the children of the earth. Yea, Eve did cry with such a mighty plea, and it was to the Mother of God that Eve did plead, and Eve petitioned to the Mother of God for the deliverance and salvation of all her children, and her children’s children, yea even did she cry such fervent tears unto the covering of all the generations to the end of the world. Yea, all the children of the earth did Eve cover with her fierce words and her burning tears like a flood and a refiner’s fire, for the protection and exaltation of all the children that would walk the earth. For Eve did desire greatly that every one of her children would know the sweetness and the joy that she did know walking with the gods in the Eastward Garden. Verily, Eve did desire greatly that all her children could know and hear the voices of the gods and the beautiful words spoken by them as in the days of old. And Eve desired greatly that not one soul of her children should be lost from knowing this joy.

And behold, while Eve did cry thusly to the Mother of God, one like unto an angel of the most high did descend from the heavens until the light of the heavens did surround Eve with a brightness that defies all description. Therefore did this one who looked even as an angel of the gods open her mouth and speak to Eve, saying, “Fear not, my most blessed daughter. For truly thou art blessed. For the gods have all heard your mighty cries. And never before have the gods in any of their worlds and creations seen one like unto thee who did cry with such unceasing devotion and love toward her children. And for this, thou shalt greatly be blessed, and thy children shall greatly be blessed and multiply in righteousness. For this day hath thy faith saved them. Yea, even every one, that not one will be lost. Thou art Eve, and the gods have elected thee for a purpose which thou comprehendest not, neither can thou comprehend it.”


Then did the one like unto an angel open her mouth again, saying, “Eve, because of these thy mighty cries, thou art blessed to know that I am Mary, the Mother of the Lamb that shall take away the sins and blood of all the generations of the earth, even unto the renewing of the earth as it was when thou didst live in the First Garden Estate.”

And as Mary spoke these words to Eve, the light of the heavens began to recede, for Mary had delivered the message that the gods had commissioned her to give to the children of the earth. But as the light did recede, Eve did reach forth her hand and say, “Leave me not alone, not without bestowing upon me thy blessing. If thou wouldst but lay thy hands upon me, by the power and testament of the Spirit within me, verily I know that I too shall have power to be a vessel even for the redemption and salvation of my children.”

And Mary was moved by this petition, and yea, Mary did reach out her hands to touch Eve, and did say unto her, “Eve, by the power and authority of the Eternal Mothers, I give unto thee power in the priesthood, and power be upon thee and upon each in thy posterity, even to the last one. I promise unto thee that thou shalt be a High Priestess over all the earth, and thy name shall forever and ever be blessed. But not before thy sorrow shall multiply, even as it were to the rending of thine soul. But thy power shall triumph, and thy triumph shall be great. Let this be thy peace.’


And after Mary had spoken these words, she did ascend once more to dwell with the gods, and to await the day when she would condescend once more to give flesh to the salvation of man.

And Eve remembered all these things, and pondered them in her heart, and was glad.

And when ye shall read these things, I would exhort you in the name of the Mystical Body of the Lion and the Lamb, to ask the Eternal Mothers, with real intent, whether these words be true. And if ye shall ask the Mothers with a sincere heart and faith in the redemption of universal life, behold, they will assuredly make known the truth of these words unto you. And the fire of heaven shall burn in your belly, giving birth in due time to the new creation and the new world within. Amen.



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