Faith Promoting Rumor: Name of New LDS Apostle Leaked


eldersheridewIn this month’s faith promoting rumor, an inside source at the Church Office Building for the Latter-day Saints has confirmed that the Brethren are praying about whether to invite Elder Sheri Dew to be the first LDS woman to be ordained to the office of Apostleship since the time of Joseph Smith.

The would-be Elder Dew has been rumored to have said in at least two special area conferences that we are three deaths away from shattering important stained-glass ceilings in Mormonism. With the third death of a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the LDS Church in less than six months, many are wondering whether the Lord is trying to give the church leadership a sign of necessary turnover in the status quo for the organization. Members are fasting and praying for the Lord to soften the hearts of the senior apostles who are apparently the hold outs for nominating Elder Sheri Dew to the body of the church for a sustaining vote.

At least one junior member of the Twelve has been heard to say it’s time for the Quorum to begin consulting Heavenly Mother as well as Heavenly Father in their institutional spiritual decision making. No word on whether or not senior Quorum members have responded to this nomination for procedural amendment.

Salt Lake Catholics are disappointed by the rumor, saying they fully expected the Mormons to be the last across the finish line in regard to nominating women for priesthood offices.

The Latter-day Saint Church based in Salt Lake City, Utah, would become the second major branch of Mormonism to restore full priesthood privileges to women, in correspondence with the teachings and leadership of Joseph Smith, Jr., who founded the religious movement.

(Below photo: President Linda Booth, current President of the Council of Twelve Apostles for Community of Christ)



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