Latter-day Seawitch


Once upon a time a princess of the ocean wanted to explore the worlds beyond her family’s kingdom. She had heard about other kingdoms, where people lived differently than in her world, and she was curious.


The princess visited the border between her family’s kingdom and the strange world beyond. She found the people interesting, and wanted to know what it would be like to live among them.

So the princess asked what she had to do to be part of this different, other world. Two visitors showed up to her door with a very special message. They told the princess that there was a special type of agreement necessary to make before being part of the beyond world. The two visitors, though, said they didn’t have the proper authority to officiate the agreement with the princess. She would have to go to someone with more powerful magic than them.

jetsam flotsam

The princess, following her curiosity, went with the two messengers to meet someone unlike any person she had ever met. It was a Seawitch–or in other words, a person who specialized in the magic arts of the deep ocean.

The Seawitch was happy the princess wanted to make the agreements necessary to be part of the world beyond. But then the Seawitch explained the nature of the agreement, and the princess got scared. For you see, the princess would have to disavow her family if she wanted to be part of the new world.

disavow your family

The princess realized that disavowing her family meant saying she believed her family was evil. But the princess didn’t believe her family was evil. In fact, she knew they weren’t.

But the Seawitch told the princess if she wanted to be part of the new world, this was the rule.

The princess asked if there was any other way. The Seawitch assured her, “There is no other way.”

So the princess made the agreement and disavowed her family, even though she knew it wasn’t right. As she did, she felt her truth leaving her.

stealing truth

The Seawitch cackled in delight as truth left the princess’s body, and the Seawitch took control of the princess’s truth to hold and use at the Seawitch’s own whim.

stealing voice

What the princess didn’t know when she made the agreement is that the Seawitch was going to use more deep ocean magic in a way that would harm the princess. For you see, when a Seawitch owns another person’s truth, they can use that truth like a magic curse, and cast a hypnotizing spell on other people to make them believe things that aren’t true.

The Seawitch used the princess’s truth to make everyone think the Seawitch was beautiful and good. And for a while, other people fell hypnotized to the spell. And they thought the Seawitch was the most beautiful presence in the land.

ursula pretends to be beautiful

But it didn’t last forever. For, you see, the ugliness of the Seawitch came from deep within. It came from her willingness to hurt other people for her own selfish agenda. And that is an ugliness that no amount of magic can cover up forever.

latterdayseawitch couldn't hide her ugliness forever for the ugliness came fromwithin

When the Seawitch realized everyone was starting to see through the falseness of her spell, she became furious. She started to swell and make herself look bigger and more powerful than she actually was. But this, too, was just a trick.

Seawitches are full of tricks.

cant leave me i own your soul

The Seawitch got so caught up in her display of power, that she didn’t notice there were others who saw how dangerous she really was. Thank goodness that when other people realized how dangerous and yucky the Seawitch was, they started to drive ships right toward the Seawitch’s belly.

ursula stabbed

It was a very nasty thing to see the Seawitch be impaled by other people driving their ships into her. But it had to happen. The Seawitch had a long history of hurting people. And it was better for one Seawitch to perish than for untold future generations of princes and princesses to dwindle and perish in the spell of her falseness and magic.

ursula dies

The moral of the story is that if you are a prince, princess, or any other ocean royalty, beware of anyone who tells you they can give you riches and blessings in exchange for you giving up your personal truth to them. It will never turn out well.


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