Welcome to the United States…if you’re Christian



The fact that Republican contenders for the office of United States President curry favor with their base by threatening the lives of non-Christians demonstrates widespread spiritual sickness and disease in the Republican party.

When Jeb Bush says that he would allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States who prove that they are Christian, it sounds far too close to the spirit of crusaders from Dark Age infamy who would end lives for the crime of believing differently in God. The Tea Party boils over at the idea of Islam being forced onto society; then turns around and proposes a religious condition on the right to life.

Are we really this depraved as a nation? How can we tolerate basic human rights decisions being made on the basis of such personal factors as how someone does or does not worship? Is it not enough for zombie-like social conservatives to legislate sexuality? Now they seek mind control in addition to body control? A bedrock premise of conservative America’s anger is the belief that evil liberals and humanists are conspiring to suppress religious conscience. Observing conservative Christians today begs the question: is it a cruel irony of human nature to become the devil you claim to hunt?


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